Students challenge the Bulls and Bears of Wall Street

This semester Chipley High School students in Ms. Carter’s economics classes participated against themselves as well as students from all over the state of Florida, in a Stock Market Challenge. While participating in this challenge the students received $100,000 at the start of the game in which  they could invest in the stocks of their choice buying and selling at the right opportunity, pitting their money and skills against the market and their peers as well.

Carter and CHS are pleased and excited with the outcome of this project, and the positive learning atmosphere it generated. CHS students performed at a high level and with participation from 25 teams at CHS, three teams took the top three places in our region.

Winning first place was the team of Jacob Arndt, Ethan Edenfield, Tucker Marin, Joseph Meredith and Dylan Williams. This honor captured the first place prize of $20.00 and a Papa John’s gift card of $50.



2nd place received a Papa John’s gift card for $50.00. These students were Sierra Donaldson, Katrina Gross, Justina Montalvo, and Mackenzie Thompson.

3rd place received a Papa John’s gift card for $50.00. These students were Andrew Cope, Jordin Crum, Dylon Dalton, and Jared Waldrip.

This economic event gave students the opportunity to experience the world of investing, and was a fun, friendly and competitive challenge. Congratulations to all the students.