Legislature approves state employee pay raises

PANAMA CITY – State Senator George Gainer, R-Panama City, announced today that the Florida Legislature has approved pay raises for the thousands of state employees throughout Northwest Florida. The statewide raises were approved during the just concluded 2017 legislative session which ended Monday.

“This is the first across the board pay raise state employees have received in a decade, and it’s well deserved,” said Senator Gainer. “As the cost of living has gone up the past 11 years, our hard-working state employees often struggled to make ends meet. I’m proud to have supported these raises and worked closely with Senate Budget Chairman Jack Latvala, who championed the pay increases.”

State employees who make less than $40,000 per year will receive an annual increase of $1,400.
Those making more than $40,000 will receive a raise of $1,000 per year.
Law enforcement and corrections officers will get larger raises.
Law enforcement will receive a 5% increase in pay
Corrections officers will get a $2,500 a year raise.
In addition to the pay increases, the starting salary for corrections officers will increase to $33,500.

The pay raises must first be approved by Governor Rick Scott. If approved by the Governor, the raises take effect October 1, 2017.

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  1. Thank you !! finally after all these years… Every little bit helps. State of Florida Employee since
    1993 – Current.

  2. Thank you!!! Finally!!! It’s about time…..been a State employee for almost 15 years.

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