Washington County Master Gardeners

Washington County Master Gardeners recently installed their officers for 2017-18. New officers are: Glenda Wilson, President; Linda Pigott, Vice President; Vickie Rushing, Public Relations; Mary Carswell, Secretary/Treasurer.

The University of Florida/IFAS Cooperative Extension Service oversees the Master Gardener Program, trains and maintains horticulture volunteers.  The goal of the program is to increase horticultural information for the community.

The Master Gardeners host vegetable workshops, Seed and Plant Swap held at the Farmers Market; wine making, grape production workshops open to the public.  They also  have continuing education for themselves such as air layering camellias, maintaining the rose garden & demonstration gardens at the extension office.

Anyone interested in joining the program should call Matthew Orwatt, Horticulture Agent at 850 638-6180.