Garden Club learns about perennials

submitted by Gweneth Collins

Bill MaphisAt the April meeting of Chipley Garden Club on Wednesday, April 5, Bill Maphis of Maphis Nursery & Tree Farm presented a humorous and enlightening program on perennials and how to avoid killing the ones planted in your yard.  He covered subjects from what a perennial is and isn’t and identifying your plants to the importance of soil and water testing and why you can “love” a perennial to death.  He also shared about growing zones, fertilizers and how, when it comes to perennials, it really does matter if you’re next to the pond, beside the woods, or on top of the hill.

Prior to the program, the regular month business meeting was conducted by Club President Debbie Mitchell.  Reports were given on attending the Salvation Army Bell Ringers’ Reception, joining the Falling Waters Advisory Group, participating in several upcoming events, and May 20th’s Country Gardens & English Tea event which features three local gardens on tour and a delightful English Tea.  Reservations are required and tickets for the event are available by contacting Debbie Mitchell at 638-0358.

Ladies HatpinsGlenda Wilson, Wildflower Chairperson, reported on combined efforts with Florida Foundation of Wildflowers, Tourist Development Council, and Florida Department of Transportation to raise awareness of the beautiful wildflowers and to identify wildflower byways in Washington County.  She brought club members up to date on the FDOT Wildflower Project from State Park Road to I-10. Glenda also introduced the group to a small white native Florida wildflower, Ladies Hatpins aka Eriocaulon decangulare, which is found growing in wetlands and ditches.  It blooms from February to November in our area.

Ri McGlameryVice President Ri McGlamery shared a new information board she created for the Joyce Carter Wildflower Garden at Falling Waters State Park.

Chipley Garden Club meets the first Monday of each month from September through May and randomly through the Summer time.  New members are accepted at any time.  If you would like to join us for a meeting or just learn more about our activities, please contact President Debbie Mitchell at 638-0536.

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  1. Thanks for doing an outstanding job for all these sweet ladies, Mr. Maphis. Sorry I missed this meeting. Linda Pigott

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