Crime Watch

The Chipley Police Department would like to inform the public of programs that are available for the community.

The Chipley Police Department under the direction of Chief Scott Thompson assist community groups in the establishment of the neighborhood crime watch.  Chief Thompson states, “This program is a community lead group which is supported by the Department.  In supporting this program we attend meetings, provide requested training and any other service that we can offer to make neighborhoods safer.  The neighborhood crime watch is a great program to facilitate communication between the community and law enforcement.  It offers an opportunity for me and my officers to better know the citizens we serve.”

There are currently two neighborhood crime watch groups in Chipley and the Police Department is encouraging other neighborhoods to become involved in this program.

In addition to the Crime watch the Department offers other assistance to the community through extra patrols.  This service provides a safety measure to your home and property when you need an extra eye on your property or are out of town.  Officers will check on your property multiple times a day.  Chief Thompson states, “These programs are designed to increase the safety of citizens.  I want to encourage everyone to utilize these services of the department and these programs.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested in these programs please contact the Police Department at (850)638-6310.