Safe exchange location


“SAFE EXCHANGE ZONES” are currently being implemented throughout our country and WCSO is excited to join in on yet another way to serve and protect our citizens.

We encourage everyone to utilize the area designated in our parking lot to not only exchange INTERNET PURCHASES but for CHILD CUSTODY exchanges as well. These parking spaces are under 24 hour video surveillance and are located just off of our Third Street entrance.

WCSO has also registered with which is a safe zone finder that you can utilize to find other locations if you are ever away from home and need to conduct a safe transaction. Those of you who have family and friends that do not live in our area, please share this website with them so that they can find a designated area as well.

“Purchase exchanges, and in some circumstances, child custody exchanges should be in a place that will give people a sense of safety and reassurance that assistance is close by if needed. I hope that our community will feel that this designated area is a benefit to our county and utilize it for their safety,” states Sheriff Kevin Crews.