Youth Fair

For over 40 years, the Youth Fair has been a tradition in Washington County.  Since the early 70’s, the youth fair has allowed youth to showcase their talents and creativity by entering exhibits in categories such as photography, sewing and baked goods along with more recent exhibits featuring LEGO creations and graphic designs.  A main showcase of the youth fair is 4-H and FFA youth exhibiting their swine, steer and heifer projects as well as 4-H projects in poultry and rabbits.

Please join us for this year’s fair and support local youth through the annual Farm Bureau spaghetti supper and the livestock show and sale.  If you’re interested in purchasing a steer or swine to put in your freezer, contact UF/IFAS Extension Agent Mark Mauldin at 850-638-6180 or  The fair schedule is below:


Feb 27  Exhibits Check-in     3-5 pm     Auditorium

March 1  Poultry & Rabbit Check-in     3-5 pm     West Wing

March 2  Poultry & Rabbit Showmanship     Livestock Barn

March 3  Steer, Heifer & Swine Check-in     Livestock Barn

March 3  Farm Bureau Spaghetti Supper     4:30 pm     Auditorium

March 3  Livestock Showmanship     6 pm     Livestock Barn

March 4  Livestock Market Classes     9 am     Livestock Barn

March 4  Livestock Auction     6 pm     Livestock Barn