Statement from Senator George Gainer

PANAMA CITY, FL – Florida State Senator George Gainer, (R-Panama City), today made the following statement after attending an event with Governor Rick Scott:

“Governor Scott has my full backing in the fight to keep funding for economic development and tourism promotion. Efforts to eliminate Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida will do nothing but cost us jobs throughout Northwest Florida.”

“Tourism drives the economy of our coastal communities in Northwest Florida and offering economic incentives to businesses looking to relocate to our state is what helps create new jobs. Eliminating funding for these two vital programs is short sided and another example of some of the bad ideas that come out of Tallahassee.”

“I will do everything I can to stand with the Governor and fight for these programs during the upcoming legislative session.”

One thought on “Statement from Senator George Gainer

  1. Senator Gainer, thank you for your public service, and introducing a bill that would criminalize these disruptors blocking traffic in a life-and-death matter emergency vehicles can not get through to the people that need it when seconds count! Thank you again and you have my vote

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