Fundraiser for CHS Vocal Ensemble

The Chipley High School Vocal Ensemble will be holding a fundraiser on Monday, January 30, for their trip to New York City to sing in Carnegie Hall. This first fundraiser of the year will be a Premier Jewelry party hosted at CHS from 4 to 5 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come out and look at jewelry and help the group out.


2 thoughts on “Fundraiser for CHS Vocal Ensemble

  1. when is your concert? I graduated CHS in 1949 and used to sing in the glee club. Might be able to attend concert as I live only 125 miles away in Connecticut.

    Bruce Dasinger

  2. Also, i have sung in Carnegie several times with a chorus while living in New Jersey. My experience at Chipley HS was the start.

    I sing with the local symphony chorus now. We do Beethoven 9th Symphony this spring.

    Bruce Dasinger

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