Dunn votes to rein in Obama during final days of presidency

WASHINGTON, DC: Wednesday, Dr. Neal Dunn (FL-02) voted in favor of the Midnight Rules Relief Act (H.R. 21), which will amend the Congressional Review Act and allow Congress to overturn executive branch regulations finalized in the closing days of a lame duck presidency.

“Overregulation under the Obama Administration has crippled our economy and left small businesses and hardworking Florida families struggling to stay afloat. We cannot let him implement new regulations that will harm Americans for years, while he is on his way out the door. The Midnight Rules Relief Act will stop President Obama and future leaders from abusing their power and implementing midnight rules,” said Dr. Dunn.

The Midnight Rules Relief Act is a bipartisan bill that was passed by the House of Representatives in November of 2016. It was reintroduced in the House by Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49) on January 3, 2017.

“The American people undoubtedly wanted a change by electing Donald Trump as our next President, sending a clear message that the overreach and burdensome regulations by President Obama needs to be stopped,” added Dr. Dunn.

The Midnight Rules Relief Act has the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, as well as several other business groups and job creators across the country.