Local author pens book about life in our area

Bill Lee at one of the old barns on the family farm

Bill Lee, a lifelong resident of the Florida Panhandle and local well known educator, has released a new book titled “Dirt Roads Leave Ruts in Your Soul.” This recently published book contains stories and remembrances about growing up and living in the rural area of northwest Florida on a family farm and the lessons learned from these experiences.  When asked what the book was about, Lee responded by saying, “The book is about us, meaning that it is about the people, the lifestyle, the community in which I was raised and recollections of the events that helped  to shape my life and the lives of many others in our area who were raised in a similar manner.”

Bill at age five, eating chocolate pudding.

The book is a series of essays written over a number of years by Lee and covers many different aspects of life in our area of the country. Included are stories about things such as going swimming in Holmes Creek, helping with family farm chores, milking cows, making cane syrup, and picking cotton, the old fashioned way by hand. Also included are remembrances of community members, funny tales of life in our area and reflective stories about lessons learned from his parents and grandparents.

The book shares stories of great and not so great times, times of laughter and some of tears, and times of challenges and triumph. While reading the book you may laugh out loud, maybe shed a tear or two and be taken back to times in your own life where the dirt roads you have traveled have left ruts in your soul.

Enjoy the trip with him as he takes you down the memory lane of life in our area from a time in the past.

Many people have already purchased the book and have made comments to the author such as …

  • Bill, I absolutely loved the book and you took me home again.
  • Well, you did it. You made me laugh and you made me cry, all at the same time. I loved it because you took me back to a different time and place.
  • You took me home.

For those who may be interested in obtaining a copy of the book, they may contact Bill Lee directly via email at billlee53@gmail.com or they may order the book online at Amazon. To order off Amazon, readers would need to search for the title of “Dirt Roads Leave Ruts in Your Soul” by Bill Lee.

2 thoughts on “Local author pens book about life in our area

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Bill’s essays! He has shared several with me over the years when we worked together prior to this collection being published. I was blessed to have been “instructed” for about 10 years by Mr. Quincy Lee, Bill’s dad, in the art of sausage making. The stories ring true, a very heart warming read!

    1. Thanks Phil for the great comments about the book. Glad you enjoyed it and more glad that you had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with the main man, Quincy Lee. Hope you have a great and wonderful Christmas.

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