Altercation following funeral leads to arrests

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of four individuals as a result of an altercation following a funeral in Vernon.

WCSO received a call Friday, December 6th, in reference to shots fired at the cemetery in Vernon. The incident occurred approximately 5 minutes after officers with WCSO had left the scene after completing a family requested standby at the funeral of Myron A. Nichols and escort of the funeral party to the cemetery.

Arrested and charged:

Michelle Lynn Sznura, 50 year old white female — Reckless discharge of a firearm; Aggravated Assault

Thomas Victor Sznura, 52 year old white male — Aggravated battery

Mitchell Thomas Sznura, 21 year old white male — Battery

Eric Bruce Clark, 22 year old white male — Battery

Initial interviews revealed that after Michelle Sznura arrived at the cemetery following the graveside services a physical altercation ensued involving a number of people at the scene including Thomas Sznura, husband of Michelle Sznura, Mitchell Sznura, son of Thomas and Michelle, and Eric Clark. This altercation led to Ms. Sznura brandishing a weapon and then firing that weapon. The altercation seems to have stemmed from events surrounding the death of Myron Nichols on Tuesday, December 6th. Mandy Clark, mother of Eric Clark and acquaintance of Mr. Nichols, discovered Mr. Nichols deceased at his home. Before alerting authorities to the death of Mr. Nichols, Mandy Clark removed 5 firearms and a tv from the home.

Friends of Mr. Nichols reported a verbal altercation with Mandy Clark on the evening of Tuesday, December 6th in which Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded. A complaint was filed at a later date in reference to the removal of the property by Mandy Clark. Mandy Marie Clark, 40 year old white female was arrested on Thursday, December 8th, and charged with both burglary and theft for the incident on Tuesday, December 6th at the home of Myron Nichols.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone with information on illegal activity contact them at 638-TIPS (8477) or by email at