Civil Affairs Battalion visits Washington County

DOD TeamMembers of the Echo Company, 91st Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) visited Washington County to assist local agencies complete various tasks.  Deliverables included mapping of unpaved roads, first aid medical training, and revision recommendations of the local logistics plan.

The team developed a mapping system for public works officials which includes 66 roads and 15 bridges and culverts.  Additionally, medical training was conducted at the Washington County Health Department.  Individuals with extensive medical backgrounds to minimal or no medical training took part in the two hour class.  Finally, the group reviewed the Emergency Management Logistics Plan and provided revision recommendations.

Washington County’s Public Safety Director, Lynne Abel, stated, “It was a pleasure to work with this team.  The men provided a plethora of knowledge and diverse skills delivering quality products that will benefit Washington County and its citizens.  We look forward to more opportunities to work with members of the Fort Bragg Civil Affairs Battalion.”