Workforce Advisory Council meets at Chipola

Pictured from left, are: Richard Williams, Executive Director of CareerSource Chipola; Dr. Sarah Clemmons, Interim President of Chipola College; Chris Hart; and Darwin Gilmore, Chipola Dean of Workforce and Economic Development.

Pictured from left, are: Richard Williams, Executive Director of CareerSource Chipola; Dr. Sarah Clemmons, Interim President of Chipola College; Chris Hart; and Darwin Gilmore, Chipola Dean of Workforce and Economic Development.

MARIANNA—Chipola College recently hosted the annual meeting of members of the Workforce Development Advisory Council. Chris Hart IV, President and CEO of CareerSource Florida was the keynote speaker for the event. The theme of the meeting was “Leading with Talent.”

More than 100 area professionals and business leaders serve on 14 separate advisory committees for each of the college’s technical programs.

Members advise Chipola faculty on the development, evaluation, and revision of educational programs. Advisors help ensure that curriculum meets the needs of business, industry and the community and that program graduates are capable of performing entry level skills in the occupation in which they are trained. Members also help recruit students for career and technical education training programs and aid students in locating occupationally related jobs.

Darwin Gilmore, Chipola Dean of Workforce and Economic Development, says, “We depend on the expertise of these professionals to provide real-world advice about the training we need to provide to our students. Their involvement ensures our students are well-prepared to enter the workforce.”

Chipola advisory committees and members are:

Automotive—Mike Robinson, Bryan Wiggins, and Mike Ashley, Advance Auto Parts; Ray Lawrence, Ray’s Garage; Mellissa Lombardo, Chipola Ford; Chuck Anderson, Michael John Mitchell and Jamie Cozart, Rahal-Miller Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac and Nissan; Mike Bowyer, Florida Panhandle Technical College; Ronnie Stevens, Marianna Auto Parts; John Pforte and Tim Poppell, Bob Pforte Motors; Walmart; Philip Deshazo, Deshazo Automotive; Darren Womac, Carquest; Luke Shores and David Shores, Cobbs Front End; Jeff Schumacher, Firestone; Fred Van Buren, Triple J Tires; Cody Mears, Auto Zone; Tony Schumacher, King of Battle; Cliff Chruchwell and David Steinmetz, Waste Management; and Eddie Johns, Florida Department of Transportation.

Cosmetology—Treva Cravatt, Paul Mitchell Representative and Business Owner; Ashley Scott, Ashley’s; Mitchel Gleason, The Salon Center-Brazilian Blowout Representative; Dana Torbett, Owner,  Partenza Salon and Spa; and Troy Golden, Partenza Salon & Spa.

Law Enforcement—Sheriff Lou Roberts and Captain Darren S. Edwards, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff Glenn H. Kimbrel, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office; Chief Mark Mallory, Blountstown Police Department; Chief Hayes Baggett, Marianna Police Department; Chief Elton Horton, Graceville Police Department;

Chief William Watford, Cottondale Police Department; Chief Burt McAlpin, Sneads Police Department; Chief Jimmy Baggett, Altha Police Department; Glenn Hess, State Attorney and Investigator Dave Edmondson, Office of State Attorney; William L. Wright, Circuit Judge; and Wade Mercer, County Judge.

Corrections—Warden Jeffery Thomas and Richard Heming, GEO, Inc./

Graceville Correctional Facility; Steven White, Heath Holland and Earl Gravin, Jackson County Correctional Facility;, Jackson Correctional Institute; Ronald Mathis, Correctional and Probation; John A. Barfield, Warden, A.C.I. Correctional Institution; Scott Payne, Warden, Calhoun Correctional Institution; Richard Johnson, Warden, Liberty Correctional Institution; and Michael White, Florida Department of Corrections; and Shelly Sonberg, Warden, Gadsden Correctional Facility.

Firefighting—Scott Birge, Will Arryo, Jackson County Fire Rescue; Nakeya Lovett and George Gay, Marianna Fire Rescue; Floyd Aycock, Chipley Fire Rescue; Ben Hall, Blountstown Fire Rescue;  Brian Young, West Director Fire Association and Rodney Andreasen, Jackson County Emergency Management.

Business—Kenny Griffin, Chipola Regional Workforce Board; Sara Applewhite; Nina Adams, Community South Credit Union; Candace Croft, West Florida Electric Cooperative; David Melvin, Melvin Engineering; Larry Meese, Jackson Hospital and Sandon Speedling, Department of Health.

Information Technology—Jamie Hussey, Jackson Hospital; Michael Pinnella, Holmes County School District; Kevin King, Department of Transportation; April Alday, Department of Revenue; Jack Mason and Landon Davis, Family Dollar Distribution; Philip Wynn, InfoStation; and Dennis Everett and Byron Ward, Chipola College.

Nursing—Gene Grantham, Blountstown Health and Rehab; Bobbie Finch, Bonifay Nursing and Rehab Center; Joyce Roland, Chipola Nursing Pavilion; Merian Milton, Covenant Hospice; Janet Smith, Doctors Memorial Hospital; Kelley Tyus and Kim Barnes, Florida State Hospital; Marilyn McKissick, Flowers Hospital; Christianna Orvis, Gulf Coast Medical Center; Alice Pate, Jackson County Health Department; Robbin Catt, Jackson Hospital; Pam Moss, Marianna Health and Rehab; Karla Nichols, Rivervalley Rehab Center; Diane Buntyn and Gwen MacGilberry, Southeast Alabama Medical Center; Geri Williams and Michele Henderson, Sunland; Heidi Stone, Kindred at Home; Debbie Barber, Northwest Florida Community Hospital; Judith Beck, Healthmark Regional Medical Center; and Barbara Alford and Kathy Mason, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

EMT—Scott Birge and Will Arroyo, Jackson County Fire Rescue; Phillip Hill, Calhoun County EMS; Liberty County EMS; Randy Truette, Washington County EMS; Steve Connell, Holmes County EMS; Bobby Martin and Greg Cain, North Walton Fire Department; Richard Talbert and Ryan Crawford, South Walton Fire District; and Andre Walker, Gadsden County EMS; Ruth Attaway, Calhoun/Liberty Hospital; Ashley Foshee, Doctors Memorial Hospital; Melissa Hobbs, Gulf Coast Medical Center; Jenny Paul, Healthmark Regional Medical Center; Kathryn Jordan, Jackson Hospital; Sean Gibson, Dothan Fire Department; and Andy Waldorff, Calhoun County EMS.

Early Childhood Education—Donna Doelman, PAEC; Kelly Edwards,  JCSB Early Childhood Program; Sarieta Russ, Chipola College; Kim Long, Jackson County Early Childhood Programs; and Chesnee McCaskill, Calhoun County Head Start; and Leisha Jeter.

Welding—Ray Windham, Branning’s Towing; Kelly Stephens, Spanish Trail Lumber; Chris Stiver, Lincoln Electric; Harris Baker; Pete Gilmore, Melvin Engineering; Ed Egert, Eastern Ship Building.

Civil Engineering Technology—Larry Kelly, Atkins; Trey Vidrine, NEI; David Melvin, Melvin Engineering; Thomas Mead, Southeastern Surveying; Lee Anderson, Southeastern Surveying; Scott Golden, Jason Peters and Steve Benak, Florida Department of Transportation; Daryll Burnett, Metric Engineering; Doug Cauley, Metric Engineering, Inc.; Joseph Alday, Alday-Howell Engineering and Kevin Wall, Anderson Columbia; and Gene Strickland, Anderson Columbia.

Engineering Technology—Nolan Coumbie, Mowrey Elevator; Caroline Dauzat; Ross Jackson, Rex Lumber; Rod Peters, Rex Lumber; John Halstead, Stuart Irby; Richard Williams, CareerSource Chipola; Byron Ward, Chipola College; Benny Smith,TriDelta Systems Systems; Larry Shemetulskis, Tektronix; Tom Evans, Rock Tenn; Sustin Smith, National Instruments; Matthew Pearse, Siemens; Michael Bouche, AWC, Inc; Gary McGowan, Automated Control Systems; Jacob Terrell, Nova; Cheri Gilmore, Manown; Terry Ellis, West Point Home; David Nordnes, Siemens; Tom Kish, Globe Motors; Mark Haser, Enviva; Chris Davison, Enviva; Nora Swanson, Farley; William Floyd, Farley; Michelle Schaefer, Rex Lumber; Jared Banta, Rex Lumber; Kristie Kelley, Gulf Power; Christopyer Fedele, Moog, Inc.; Quinton Martin, Trane; and Bobby Baker, Safari Helicopter.

Dean Gilmore also announced the formation of an Economic Development Advisory Committee which will include professionals in the region who desire to regularly collaborate to consider best practices to support existing companies with curriculum and training. The committee also will plan a unified approach to recruit new companies into the five-county region.

For information about Chipola’s Advisory Committees, call 718-2270, or email