4-H Chick Chain

After five months of care and work, 4-H members from across the Panhandle met on Saturday for the inaugural Florida 4-H Chick Chain Show.  During the project, youth learned how to set up a brooder box for baby chicks, space and housing requirements for growing birds, feed and nutrition requirements for the stages of growth, and how to exhibit and present their birds in showmanship.

Saturday’s show was the culmination of the project with youth bringing their three best birds for exhibition and judging.  Each set of birds was evaluated by breed to name grand and reserve champion with all breed champions competing for overall grand and reserve..  County grand and reserve champions were also named.

One of the most challenging parts of the competition was showmanship where youth were tested on their knowledge of their birds, care and nutrition requirements and how they handled their birds.

4-H’ers from Washington County included Addison Hayes, Cass Dillard, Cole Dillard, Jayla Kindlespire, Kailey Pettis, Lillian Sparks, Natalie Taylor and Sheldon Sparks.

Awards winners included:

Grand Champion Polish – Lillian & Sheldon Sparks & Natalie Taylor

Grand Champion Wyandotte – Jayla Kindlespire

Reserve Champion Brahma – Cole and Cass Dillard

Grand Champion Washington County – Cole and Cass Dillard

Reserve Champion Washington County – Lillian & Sheldon Sparks & Natalie Taylor

2nd Place Junior Showmanship – Sheldon Sparks

4th Place Junior Showmanship – Cass Dillard

5th Place Intermediate Showmanship – Kailey Pettis

5th Place Senior Showmanship – Jayla Kindlespire





Registration for the 2017 4-H Chick Chain will open in March.  For more information on Washington County 4-H, visit our website:  washington.ifas.ufl.edu.