Chipola early Spring Registration begins Nov. 3

MARIANNA—Chipola College will hold Early Registration for the Spring 2017 semester for current students, Nov. 3-4 and continuing through Dec. 16 on regular business days.

Current students may register at Student Services Room (A156), or with an adviser. Eligible students may register online at

New students who have completed the admissions process may register beginning Nov. 14.

High school dual enrollment students taking classes on Chipola’s campus or online (Section 700) must bring a new completed Course Approval form with them to register. Students taking dual enrollment classes on high school campuses will register and complete the Course Approval form at the high school and do not have to report to the college.

For students who register early, between Nov. 3 and Dec. 8, fees are due by Dec. 8.  For students who register from Dec. 8-16, fees are due on the day of registration.  Registration is not complete until all fees are paid. Students must contact the Business Office to declare how fees will be paid (grant, scholarships, Bright Futures, dual enrollment, etc.). Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of classes/registration.

Wednesday, Nov. 2, is the last day to withdraw from a class for the Fall Semester. Nov. 16 is last day to resign from all classes. Students who stop attending class without withdrawing will receive a failing grade.

For information about registration, call 718-2311.