Message from Clerk of Court

“Due to the recent malicious attacks against our office on social media, I have made the decision to suspend the Washington County Clerk of Court Facebook Page,” announced Lora Bell, Washington County Clerk of Court and Comptroller, Tuesday morning. “This page was designed to inform the public of information relating to our office including court calendars, status of jury selection dates and sharing positive messages relating to our community as well as our staff.”

“Our office consists of employees who are about serving the needs of others. We will not participate in, nor will we instigate negative attacks on others. We consider everyone to be equal and are here to serve and offer positive encouragement to all.”

“Thank you for your understanding and as always, we value and stay true to our mission ‘A Public Office is a Public Trust’.”

One thought on “Message from Clerk of Court

  1. This is so crazy that people would do this for this Facebook page had very good information for us to see and get but Lora Bell I totally understand. Judy

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