Locals get ready for Trump visit

Walt Guettler painted a big red TRUMP sign in his hay field so hopefully Mr. Trump will see it on his way into Panama City Beach. The field is on the flight path to PCB airport.

Trump sign


Donald J. Trump – Aaron Bessant Park – 7:30 PM

Donald J. Trump will hold a rally at Aaron Bessant Park. Doors open at 4:30pm.

13 thoughts on “Locals get ready for Trump visit

  1. Why does this have to be made into a political fight? Walt is exercising his freedom of speech and showing support for his candidate. You should applaud him for that, even if you disagree with his choice. I’d feel the same way, regardless of whom he supported. I hope you are always expressing support for your candidate in a positive way. That’s one awesome thing about democracy.

  2. GOOD SHOW WALTER !! I don’t know who Edith Yates is but has to be related to the Nelson’s. She should pack up her EBT Card (that bought her vote and loyalty) and get out of Washington county.

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