FPTC hosts Highway Drug Interdiction Seminar


Florida Panhandle Technical College hosted a Highway Drug Interdiction Seminar on Monday and Tuesday. Open to regional law enforcement agencies, the event drew over 30 attendees and featured Sgt. Mike Conner with the Maryland State Police and the Commander of the Maryland Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement Team.

The 2-day training program provided participants with an overall view of how contraband is concealed in vehicles and the ethical requirements of law enforcement officers in the search of suspected vehicles.

Class participants came away with a basic knowledge of the latest techniques and methods used by criminals and criminal organizations to prevent detection of contraband.

The class also explored traditional techniques used by law enforcement in the search for contraband and demonstrate how ineffective they are against current concealment techniques.

Participants agreed that the techniques taught greatly enhance the ability of the officers in the detection and apprehension of criminals while conducting traffic stops.