Urgent collection of disaster relief supplies

The Louisiana Baptist Convention has released the following list of supplies they need immediately. Poplar Springs Baptist Church has started collecting items on this list, and will be loading the supplies in their trailer and taking them ASAP directly to a Louisiana Baptist Convention drop off location. They invite you to join them in this collection of needed supplies. They have two drop off locations. One, Forrest Smith is allowing supplies to be dropped off at the West Florida Baptist Association at  1641 Brickyard Rd, Chipley, and two, at Poplar Springs Baptist Church at 1101 Lovewood Rd, Graceville.

Below is the list of supplies needed:

Mudout Supplies and Instructions:

1.      Rubber Gloves
2.      Dust Mask
3.      Water Nozzel
4.      Germ-x
5.      Measuring Tape
6.      Flashlight
7.      Batteries for flashlight
8.      Utility Knife
9.      Chalk Line
10.   First Aid Ointment
11.   Band aids
12.   2 Quart Clorox
13.   Hydrogen Peroxide
14.   Wash cloths
15.   Goggles
16.   Gloves
17.   Ziplock bags

Other supplies needed:

1.      Basic toiletries
2.      Blankets
3.      Pillows
4.      Air mattresses
5.      Toilet paper
6.      Basic medical supplies
7.      Styrofoam Cups
8.      Napkins
9.      Snack Food
10.   Water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc
11.   Paper Towels
12.   Plastic Forks, Spoons, and Knifes
13.   Medium Duty Type Gloves
14.   Band-Aids & Neosporin
15.   Paper Plates
16.   Laundry Detergent
17.   Hand Wipes
18.   Bug Spray and Sunscreen
19.   Ziplock Bags (sandwiches)
20.   Paper Bags
21.   Hand Soap