Tobacco Free Florida expands free quit services

New Program and Ads Encourage Floridians to Quit Your Way

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Quitting tobacco isn’t easy, but finding help should be. With its new Quit Your Way program, the Florida Department of Health’s Tobacco Free Florida program is making it easier for tobacco users in the state to access the free and proven-effective resources available to all Floridians.

“We are committed to helping every Floridian who is struggling to quit tobacco break the addiction with our individualized services. Floridians now have more ways to quit and increase their chances of quitting for good,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary Dr. Celeste Philip. “Tobacco users who use the Tobacco Free Florida program are five to 11 times more likely to quit than those who try on their own.”

This expansion of resources offers tobacco users interested in quitting access to free tools, including a 2-Week Starter Kit of nicotine replacement patches, Text2Quit, Email Tips and a Quit Guide. They can choose as many as they need or use them in addition to Tobacco Free Florida’s Phone, Group and Web Quit services, which have already helped more than 137,000 Floridians successfully quit.

On Aug. 8, Tobacco Free Florida launched new ads for TV and radio statewide to raise awareness of the new Quit Your Way tools. The TV ads show animated characters in everyday moments being judged for their smoking addiction and then direct to the free quit tools, where they’ll find no judgment, just help.

Since 2007, Tobacco Free Florida has offered its 3 Free & Easy Ways to Quit, which included the Florida Quitline, Web Coach and in-person groups or classes held in each county by Area Health Education Centers. The phone, web and group services are still available and offer tobacco users a comprehensive quit plan with support from a certified Quit Coach.

Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way takes the service offerings a step further, offering a personalized range of services designed to help each quitter create their own quit plan from any one or combination of the services outlined below:


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