School Board meeting

The Washington County School Board met Monday, August 8.

Consent items that were approved included the following:

  • Payment of monthly bills; financial report and budget amendments
  • Minutes
  • Substitutes/volunteers
  • Change of expected hours of program completions for Title IV purposes for FPTC
  • Addition of payment address and testing address of school catalog for FPTC
  • Purchase order to Performance Matters
  • Purchase order to PAEC
  • Contract with Independent Training for the Blind
  • Okeechobee Program Narrative
  • Revision to Okeechobee school calendar
  • Florida School Labor Relations Service membership dues
  • Revisions to School Board Policies/Procedures
  • Contract agreement with PAEC for VAM Teacher Evaluation Program
  • Equity Report

Under other action, approval was made for water tank replacement at the corner of the Ag plot at Chipley High School.

The following personnel items were approved.

  • District: resignation of Kaylen Randal; employment of Jordan Daniels; summer hours for Cheryl Brock
  • Chipley High School: resignation of Jan Shores as office aide; employment of Jana Shores as data entry/registrar; employment of Jessica Carter; transfer of April Patterson; additional 10 summer school hours for Jesse Carter; employment of paraprofessional
  • Florida Panhandle Technical College: transfer of Robin Jones
  • Kate M. Smith Elementary School: resignation of Trisha Pumphrey; employment of Katherine Stone; resignation of Jacqueline B. Jacks; employment of paraprofessional; resignation of Kristi Futch
  • Maintenance: OPS Maintenance position for four hour day work week
  • Okeechobee Youth Development Center: employment of Misty Holden; salary recommendation of Lorenzo Drayton
  • Roulhac Middle School: employment of teacher
  • Transportation: resignation of Brandy Justice; resignation of Michele Clark; employment of Samuel Brady; employment of Tiffany Hallmark; supplement pay for Steve Rudd; supplement pay for Phillip Stephens
  • Vernon Elementary School: resignation of kala Dean; employment of Tracy Whitehead; employment of Darla Sutton; leave of absence for Allison Hayes
  • Vernon High School: resignation of Jason kay; employment of Zachary Watson
  • Vernon Middle School: resignation of Annabeth Rackley; employment of Dylan Paramore; employment of Caleb Bullock; employment of Michelle Johnson; employment of Tracey Harris