28 Charged in sale of controlled substances

Police Chief Kevin Crews

Police Chief Kevin Crews

Members of the Chipley Police Department concluded a three-month long investigation into the sale of illegal narcotics on Thursday, August 4. The Narcotics Unit began conducting a warrant roundup Thursday that consisted of 29 arrest warrants on 28 suspects for felony charges of sale of controlled substances.

Bonds ranged from $5,000 to $20,000 at first appearance.

The illegal drugs purchased during the undercover operation included methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana, and various prescription medications to include Amphetamine, Hydrocodone, Lortab, Xanax, and Morphine. Drugs purchased in the undercover operation were bought with seized funds from narcotics arrests.

seized drugs

Of the 28 suspects that had warrants for their arrest, 12 still remain at large.

  • Amy Sanford
  • Betty S. Wahle
  • Christian T. Strickland
  • David R. Melanchuk
  • Glenn L. Williams, Jr.
  • Herman F. Bellamy
  • Jermaine Marks
  • Kelly R. White
  • Kenneth J. Hall
  • Mary P. Hartzog
  • Timothy R. Kinsey
  • Tomas D. Morales

The following are the suspects arrested during the roundup:

  • Christopher J. Crooms
  • Danielle Underhill
  • James Crooms
  • James M. Drummond
  • Jennifer L. Bau
  • John H. Walker
  • Jonathan E. Blaire
  • Joshua Corbin
  • Karla D. Smith
  • Nicholis E. Daniels
  • Shawn E. Bass
  • Tavares Ward
  • Timothy Massaline
  • Victoria M. Huckaby
  • Victoria R. Thayer
  • Willie T. Corbin

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  1. There is a doctor just across from old hospital that is giving out pain pills and I know people getting them from him/them and they get high. Also there are people in Cottondale using the needle and making drugs term heard “Shake and bake”. I was in that area over weekend and it was the talk.

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