Preliminary school grades

Florida Department of Education has released preliminary school and district grades. There are several changes to the 2016 school grade.  In 2015 there were no learning gains or learning gains for the lowest 25% in English Language Arts or Math.  Learning gains are a comparison of the student’s FSA from one year to the next.  2015 was the first administration of the FSA and there was no comparison to the previous year.  In 2016, learning gains were calculated for all students who had a previous school and in addition, learning gains were calculated for the lowest quartile.

Washington County earned a C for the district grade with 53% of the possible percentage points, one percentage point from earning a B.  Two schools, KMS and VES both increased their schoolgrade.  KMS went from a B to an A and VES went from a C to a B.  RMS, VMS, CHS and VHS all earned a C.

Helping all students meet the required graduation requirements remains of utmost importance.  There have been many efforts to align instruction with standards and the hard work of students, teachers and administrators is evident – we will continue to work to improve until our graduation rate is 100%.